Indies denryoku ( for English )

6 years on since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and nuclear disaster and it seems the incident has all but disappeared from the Japanese consciousness. One band re- fuses to let the Japanese government’s gross incompetence and endangerment of the populace be swept under the rug- Indies Denryoku (Indies Electric Power).
While most musicians in Japan shy away from any type of political discourse out of fear for being blacklisted by the monolithic media, the acoustic rock unit comprised of Tetsu Takano (nil, THE JUNEJULYAUGUST, ZIGZO, THE BLACK COMET CLUB BAND), Taiji Sato (The Theatre Brook, Solar Budokan), and iCas (oreskaband) tackle it head on. Formed in the aftermath of the disaster, the band uses its unique style of humorous protest music to assist the recovery of the regions affected by the earth quake / tsunami / nuclear melt down, and raise awareness to the ongoing struggle and issues surrounding the problematic energy industry.
As guitarist and singer Taiji Sato states, “3/11/2011 was a wake up call. From that day forward, the fragile illusion of the safety of nuclear power was shattered forever for me. I now only see 2 types of people in Japan- those who choose to speak up and re- sist the corrupt government and nuclear industry, and those who choose to go back to sleep”

二代目就任記念 露払いツアー 冬の陣

02.04:千葉・柏Cafe Line
02.12:愛知・名古屋Music Bar Perch
03.01:福島・いわきmusic bar burrows
03.06:大阪・大阪LIVE BAR twice café
03.07:徳島・徳島Funky Chicken